In 2011, Lexjus acted as a co-founder of All-Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid Charitable Organization to assist in establishing and sustainable operations of a nationwide network for effective protection of vulnerable groups of people, ensuring equitable access to justice, establishing and strengthening the rule of law in Ukraine.

The coalition is formed of like-minded people from more than 100 charitable, public and commercial organizations, which started cooperating in 2010 in the framework of the Legal country project of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), such as Access to Justice and Legal Awareness in Ukraine, inspired by ideas of building up an effective system of free legal aid in Ukraine.

Roman Shurduk, Partner of the Firm and attorney at law, acted as the Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid for more than two years. In 2011, he won the first national award ceremony for outstanding bono work in the framework of the Legal Country project.

The coalition is active in three main areas, such as provision of free legal aid (labor law, health law and protection of private property rights), legal awareness and legal lobbying.

Pro bono and LEXJUS

Legal aid for the public good is an integral component in professional activities of a modern lawyer.

An important objective of our company is to make Ukrainian people aware of free legal aid existing in Ukraine and its quality and effectiveness.

In addition to institutional charity, Lexjus partners and attorneys at law are regularly involved in the protection of vulnerable members of society before courts, mostly, to protect rights of victims of Chornobyl, and military pensioners. High-profile cases were, in particular, those involving the protection of interests of retired officers, such as teachers of higher military educational institutions, when we acted for and defended 15 people (our Partner Andrii Gusak leads our company’ legal practice) before the court.

Having considerable experience of cooperation in the provision of free legal aid while acting for our clients and having established cooperation between pro bono lawyers, public defenders and public authorities, we have set the goal of continuous improvement of the system of free legal aid to citizens, feeling our own professional responsibility and pleasure for the operations.


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