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Roman Blazhko Speaks on Round Table of Ukrainian Bar Association

  Partner of  Lex’Jus Roman Blazhko took part in the round table of the Ukrainian Bar Association on the topic of the liability for the failure to receive foreign exchange earnings on time. The current legislation of Ukraine empowers the tax authorities to subject undertakings to 0.3% daily default fine  for each day of delay in the return of foreign exchange earnings. The participants of the round table discussed the problems of applying this daily default fine: Under the  current legislation; and After the entry into force of the recently adopted Law of Ukraine "On Currency and Currency Transactions" radically changing  the approach to...

Accession of New Partner

We are pleased to announce the accession of our new partner Roman Blazhko to our team. Roman has been practicing law for over 15 years, of which 8 years of specialization in tax law. Roman has been admitted to the bar (advocate, attorney at law) since 2006. Roman has graduated with honors from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and received a LL.M. degree with merit at the University of London. Prior to joining Lex’Jus, Roman headed the tax practice of the known law firm “Alekseev, Boyarchukov & Partners”. Prior to this, Roman had been working for more than 8 years at no less known law firm "Lavrynovych & Partners". Roman is the author...

LexJus Law Firm Joins the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

LexJus has jointed an authoritative non-governmental organization concerned with the protection of the interests of entrepreneurs. This organization is the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP). The SUP has been created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, it unites, represents, and protects the interests of independent Ukrainian

Participation in UNIC’s Meeting

  On 30  May 2018  Roman Blazhko, Partner of LexJus attended the meeting of the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC). UNIC is a product of the cooperation of the Business Ombudsman Council with the EBRD and the OECD. UNIC brings together Ukrainian and international companies that stick to transparency and steer clear of corrupt practices in the conduct of their business. As of May 2018 UNIC numbers as many as 55

Roman Blazhko Lectures on Tax Litigation

  On 1 November  2018 the partner of LEXJUS  Roman Blazhko lectured at the Business Consulting Academy's tax law program on the topic of up-to-date court jurisprudence in tax disputes. During the lecture Roman focused on the three most common groups of tax disputes related to: 1) fictitious entrepreneurship of a counterparty’s chief officers; 2) sham transactions with a counterparty; 3) challenging the lawfulness of of tax examinations by

Lexjus Law Firm acted as a legal advisor

Lexjus Law Firm is put on a list of persons selected based on results of competitive selection for participation in the implementation of interim administration and liquidation of the

Lexjus Law Firm assigned the status of BRANCH LEADER

The National Business Rating Union has completed a nationwide financial and economic analysis of enterprises in Ukraine. Based to rating results, Lexjus Law Firm was awarded: the third rating among enterprises of Ukraine in the category "Net Income from Sales"; and the third rating among enterprises of Kyiv in the category "Net Income from

All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund "GORENJE"

Roman Shurduk, attorney at law,  represented on February 26, 2016 in Dnipropetrovsk the project  of expansion of legal support services provided by GORENJE to the most vulnerable people of Ukraine. The purpose of the project was to strengthen the public confidence. GORENJE, All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation, pays special attention to the direction of advocacy activities. GORENJE has initiated the development of the regional program for the provision of social support of citizens, immigrants in the Dnipropetrovsk region from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and the area of antiterrorist operation for 2014 to...

Development of the Ukrainian legal services market

The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) held on February 26, 2016 the first of the key events of the year, the 12th Annual Legal Forum "Development of Legal Services - 2016". Speaking at the opening ceremony, Denys Bugai, UBA President, announced and pointed out that the Annual Legal Forum of the UBA was a kind of "new year" event determining the course of development of the legal market for the next year. Tymur Bondarev, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum and Managing Partner of Arzinger Law Firm, and Sergiy Boiarchukov, exclusive representative of the general partner of the Forum and Managing Partner "Alekseev, Boiarchukov and...

Investments in Georgia

The Embassy of Georgia (Ukraine) held on April 30, 2015 in Kyiv a round table "Ukraine - Georgia: directions of cooperation between the subjects of business, science and education." The meeting was organized by the Embassy of Georgia to Ukraine and public organization Club of Economists, consulting company UkraineGeorgianInvest, and  Lexjus Law Firm. Mykhailo Ukleba, Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine, opened the meeting. Representatives of the Club of Economists spoke on the subject of the meeting: Tatiana Soboleva - "Scientific and educational context Ukrainian - Georgian relations", Vladyslav Berezhnyi - "Cooperation between the Georgian and Ukrainian...

USAID noted lawyers in pro bono

The first national awards ceremony was held on December 9, held to distinguish outstanding work in the field of pro bono in the framework of such USAID project as Access to Justice in Ukraine and Legal Awareness (Legal Country). For active involvement in pro bono activities, USAID awarded  Mykhail Belkin, General Director of POLAKR Private Law  Company, and Roman Shurduk, Partner of Lexjus Law Firm. Wer should note that during 2004 to 2010 the USAID project support was given activities of the network comprising more than 40 legal public organizations throughout Ukraine, which provided more than 100,000 free legal advices to those who need them. The ceremony is expected to...

USAID and pro bono

The first national awards ceremony was hold on December 9 to distinguish outstanding pro bono work in the framework of the USAID

Successful protection of client's interests in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine

April 13, 2016, LEXJUS Law Firm successfully acted for the Client before the Higher  Administrative Court of Ukraine, so that the appeal of cassation filed by the tax office was dismissed and the decision of the courts of previous instances setting aside the tax notices, which reduced the taxpayer’s  negative value of value added tax totaling more than UAH 18 million, were

Roman Blazhko Speaks on Round Table of Ukrainian Bar Association

  Partner of  Lex’Jus Roman Blazhko took part in the round table of the Ukrainian Bar Association on the topic of the judicial prospects of challenging tax assessments in the event of a criminal prosecution of  fictitious entrepreneurship brought against the officers of the taxpayer's counterparty. The subject matter of the round table is very painful and extremely common in tax litigation as of today. The situation for  taxpayers is even further aggravated by the negative jurisprudence of the Administrative Court of Cassation on this issue and the recent "retreat" of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court from the consideration of this issue on the...

Roman Blazhko speaks at meeting of Ukrainian Bar Association

  On 15  May 2018  Roman Blazhko, Partner of LexJus was honored to speak at a joint meeting of the Ukrainian Bar Association’s  committees titled "TAXATION OF AGRICULTURE: TRENDS AND CHALLENGES OF THE PRESENT DAY". Roman’s speech was concerned with the problems faced by the farmers while reporting on unified tax of the fourth group. During the speech he, in particular,  discussed tax risks related to: The state revaluation of agricultural land in 2018; Levying unified tax on land plots the lease rights on  which are not properly formalised; and Confirmation of the status of a unified tax payer in the presence of a tax...



Roman Blazhko's Webinar on Tax Litigation

  The partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko conducted a LIGA-ZAKON webinar on the topic of "The First Year of the New Supreme Court: Lessons to be Learned for Tax Litigation." During the webinar, Roman considered the case law  of the new Supreme Court in the most common types of tax disputes. Courts dealing with tax disputes are bound by the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. The knowledge of this jurisprudence is therefore a very important tool for the proper protection of the rights of taxpayers in

Roman Blazhko speaks at the discussion of the Legal High School

  The partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko took part in the discussion of the Legal High School on the topic of the efficiency of administrative justice. The discussion was devoted to the first results of the reform of administrative justice carried out in  the middle of December 2017, including in the context of tax litigation. The participants of the discussion agreed on the progressive nature of the new wording of the Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine. In an especially positive way the participants referred to the amendments related to streamlining the procedures for providing evidence and  exchange of procedural...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! New Year is always a good time to sum up. We are glad to share with you some of the achievements of LEXJUS for 2018: Launched the tax practice with Roman Blazhko joining the firm in March 2018; Continued handling the legal aspects of the lease relationships of Astarta Organic Business Center and Lavina Mall; Started the cooperation with Blockbuster Mall which entrusted us to take care of the legal side of its lease relationships with the tenants; Advised a British investor on the acquisition of a company owning special permits for the exploration of oil and gas in Ukraine, including the legal due diligence of...

Roman Blazhko Speaks at Committee of Ukrainian Bar Association

  On 6 February 2019 Roman Blazhko, Partner of LexJus was honored to speak at the meeting of the Tax and Customs Law Committee  of the Ukrainian Bar Association. The subject matter of Roman’s speech was amendments to the tax legislation being in effect since 1 January 2019. Below is a very brief summary of the most important amendments: Improvements in the area of ​​tax litigation: the extension of time limits for filing objections to reports of tax examinations and administrative complaints, and the very significant reduction in the amount of court fees for lawsuits of legal entities. Introduction of a VAT registration number as a new obligatory particular...

LEXJUS Law Firm has started cooperation with the well-known Ukrainian real estate developer Intergal Bud in respect of legal representation in a large-scale tax dispute.

The tax dispute arose around the failure of the tax authorities to increase the client’s registration limit in the system of electronic VAT administration for more than UAH 13

Participation in Round Table on Transfer Pricing

  Roman Blazhko, Partner of LexJus, took part in the round table of the Ukrainian Bar Association on the topic: "Transfer pricing. Taxmen and taxpayers". The round table was devoted to discussing the issues of transfer pricing, including court jurisprudence in the relevant category of cases. Transfer pricing court cases can be provisionally divided into two categories: Cases in which a taxpayer’s transactions are assessed as to whether they fall under the scope of controlled transactions for the purposes of transfer pricing; Cases concerned with the substance of transfer pricing. The second category of cases is of a particular difficulty for courts....

Roman Blazhko’s Webinar on Tax Litigation with International Component

  On 26 March 2019, the partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko conducted a LIGA-ZAKON webinar on the topic of  the jurisprudence of the new Supreme Court in tax disputes with an international component. In particular, the webinar was devoted to the two most common categories of tax disputes with an international element: - disputes concerning the application of the concept of  beneficial owner; and - disputes on transfer pricing issues. If interested, a very brief summary of the findings of the webinar is available at:

Our Achievements for the First Half of 2019

  - Advising  LCC “MMC Ukraine”, an official importer and distributor of MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, on tax aspects of entering into the cooperation with Daria Bilodid, the Mitsubishi brand ambassador in the Ukraine. -  Drafting an objection to the report of the scheduled tax inspection of one of the companies of the Auchan Group in Ukraine (the amount of tax assessment additionally issued by the tax authorities was more than UAH  170 million). -  Representation of Luxembourg-based East-West United Bank in a number of court disputes related to debt collection from a major Ukrainian industrial group. The amount...

Roman Blazhko's Webinar on Tax Reform from "Servant of the People"

  On 14 November 2019, the partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko conducted a LIGA-ZAKON webinar on the topic of the tax reform from "Servant of the People". During the webinar, the changes that had already been implemented and those that are just planned were considered. The former, in particular, embraced the decriminalization of fake entrepreneurship and raising the thresholds for liability for tax evasion. Among the latter, were the introduction of a single tax account,  tax amnesty, the establishment of the Financial Investigation Bureau and a number of changes related to tax administration under the Bill No. 1210-1. More detailed report on the webinar is available at:...

Holding webinars has become an integral tradition of the last month. Complying with this tradition, LEXJUS partner Roman Blazhko has recently conducted a webinar based on Liga-Zakon platform on the changes in internal taxation envisaged by the draft law

During the webinar, the changes related to the following areas were discussed:   ✅ Concerning the administration of taxes,  the focus was made on the new rules of conducting tax inspections. There are so many changes to be made in this area. Unfortunately, a great many of these changes are  shifting the balance in favor of the tax authorities.  ✅ Concerning specific taxes, the number of changes is not so large. However, the changes are important and must be taken into

Roman Blazhko's Webinar on Tax Inspections

  On 20 February 2019, the partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko conducted a LIGA-ZAKON webinar on the topic of  tax inspections in 2019. The webinar was devoted to a number of issues related to admittance of taxmen to carrying out tax inspections, participation in them and challenging their results. The new Supreme Court’s jurisprudence in disputes concerning procedural aspects of tax inspections was also in focus during the webinar. If interested, our very brief description of such jurisprudence of  the new Supreme Court is available

We are pleased to inform that one of the most respected international rankings has been confirming LEXJUS's achievement in the area of real estate and construction for two years in a row.

This year Legal 500 again recommends us in this area (Real Estate and Construction, Tier

On 21 May 2020 LEXJUS Partner Roman Blazhko held a webinar at the Ukrainian Association of Attorneys-at-law on the topic: "Quarantine and Taxation".

During the webinar,  Roman considered changes to the tax legislation related to the introduction of the quarantine, namely: 1) changes in respect of some taxes; 2) changes in administration of taxes; 3) changes in the field of tax dispute resolution. During the webinar, special attention was paid to the Bill No. 3329-d. It was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 13 May 2020 and as of 21 May 2020 has not yet been signed by the President. The Bill is important in that it prolongs the existence of the vast majority of the quarantine reliefs for taxpayers, that would have otherwise expired in May 2020. Such reliefs under the Bill in most cases will be in effect until the last calendar...


  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! We are very grateful to you for your support and cooperation! New Year is always a good time to sum up. We are glad to share with you some of the achievements of LEXJUS for 2019: - Recognized by an authoritative ranking agency Legal 500 in real estate and construction (tier 3).  - 61st position in the rating of Ukrainian law firms conducted by the Yurydychna Gazeta and 109th position in that of the Yuridicheskaya Practika.  - Continued handling the legal aspects of the lease relationships of large Ukrainian malls, including: Blockbuster Mall, Ocean Mall, Respublika Mall. - Represented the clients in a...

Roman Blazhko's webinar on amendments to tax legislation aimed at supporting business in face of coronavirus infection

On 31 March 2020, Roman Blazhko, the partner of LEXJUS held  a LIGA-ZAKON webinar on amendments to tax legislation aimed at supporting business in the face of coronavirus infection. Particular attention was paid during the webinar to the Act of 30  March 2020 No. 540-IX (at the time of the webinar - the Bill No. 3275). This instrument, in addition to the previously adopted acts in the given field, provides a lot of important changes to the tax legislation, the most significant of which, in our opinion, is the increase in the revenue limits for unified tax payers. It is also noteworthy that this Act does not leave aside the area of tax litigation. The most important changes in...

Roman Blazhko Speaks on Court Jurisprudence in Tax Disputes

  December 2019 proved to be an extremely productive month for the partner of LEXJUS Roman Blazhko in terms of speaking on case law in tax cases. On 04-05 December 2019 - speeches in Dnipro and in Zaporizhzhya within the scope the out-of- office meetings of the Tax and Customs Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association (court jurisprudence on decriminalization of fake entrepreneurship and on suspending the registration of VAT invoices). On 13 December 2019 - a webinar at the Business Consulting Academy educational platform on tax litigation involving an international component (the application of the commentaries on OECD...

10 Years Old Already

  On 27 November 2019 LEXJUS Law Firm celebrated its first decade! Thanks to everyone who joined and shared our celebration! Special thanks to our clients who are the source and sense of our existence! There is still a great deal of work, many victories and even more achievements ahead of us! Not far away is the second


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